GoDaddy Email Preservation & IMAP Login Error

When you enter a target email address that is hosted by GoDaddy, Forensic Email Collector performs a Mail Exchanger (MX) record lookup and automatically selects the GoDaddy profile. The settings should look as in the screenshot below:

Pre-populated profiles such as the GoDaddy profile are not editable. However, you can always choose the "Custom IMAP" or "Custom EWS" profiles from the Connection Profile dropdown and edit the settings to your heart's content.

An issue some FEC users encountered is that some GoDaddy accounts will cause a login error as in the screenshot below:

We looked into this further and found that not all GoDaddy accounts support the IMAP protocol. GoDaddy’s website indicates that only their "Unlimited Email" plan supports IMAP. Other plans are POP-only. If your target account does not support IMAP, you would most likely get a “Login Failed” error when attempting to connect with the correct IMAP settings.

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