iCloud Email Preservation & Two-Factor Authentication

When preserving an iCloud email account that is protected by two-factor authentication (TFA), you can use app-specific passwords. App-specific passwords are single-use passwords that you can define to allow Forensic Email Collector—or other third-party applications—access to an iCloud account protected by TFA.

While entering the connection settings in, you can use the app-specific password you created for FEC as the "Password" for the account.

Once preservation is complete, you can visit the "App Specific Passwords" section under the "Security" settings of the target account, and revoke the app-specific password created for FEC.

For further information, please refer to Apple's support page on using app-specific passwords.

Note: When authenticating with iCloud email accounts, please use the name part of the target email address as the username. For example, the username should be "johndoe" instead of "johndoe@icloud.com". Please refer to Apple's support documentation on mail server settings for further information.

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