Resuming Past Projects

Forensic Email Collector (FEC) allows you to resume past projects. This can be extremely helpful if the acquisition session got interrupted (e.g., you experienced a power or network failure) and you have to resume at a later time. You can accomplish this by clicking the "click to resume a previous project" hyperlink on the main screen and selecting and FEC project file (*.FECproj).

Please note that active email accounts can change quite frequently. New emails may arrive, and older emails in the "Spam" folders may be discarded. Since resuming a project forces FEC to use a mailbox snapshot taken at the time of the initial acquisition, we strongly recommend that you resume past projects as soon as possible to minimize changes to the mailbox.

The amount of time that is reasonable for resuming a past project depends on how active a mailbox is. Generally speaking, resuming the same day or even the next might be fine. If you find yourself resuming a project a few days or a week later, it would likely be better to start a new acquisition instead.

Important Note: Each FEC project can only be opened using the version of FEC that created it.

Important Note 2: Resuming a project requires that it be accessed through the same full folder path. If the project has been moved from its original location, you may be able to redirect the new path to the original project path as described here.

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