How to Find The Exchange Web Services (EWS) URL

When connecting to an Office 365 mailbox, Forensic Email Collector automatically determines the EWS URL. However, if you are connecting to an on-premises Exchange server or an Exchange server hosted by another provider, you will need the EWS URL.

The EWS URL looks something along these lines:

You can use several methods to find the EWS URL:

1. Using Exchange Autodiscover

Forensic Email Collector has built-in support for Exchange Autodiscover. You can use Autodiscover by entering the username and password, and then by clicking on the Autodiscover hyperlink. FEC will attempt to discover both the EWS URL and the target Exchange server version.

Please note that using the Autodiscover service requires the DNS records of the target domain to have been configured for Autodiscover.

Alternatively, you can also use Autodiscover by Ctrl+right clicking the Outlook system tray icon and choosing the Test Email AutoConfiguration... option:

In the Test Email AutoConfiguration tool, enter the target email address and password, and click the Test button.

The tool will perform Autodiscover and report the EWS endpoint URL if available.

2. Using Internal Resources

Typically, the IT representative that manages the Exchange server should be able to provide you with the EWS URL.

3. Using Exchange Management Shell

Another alternative is to open Exchange Management Shell on the Exchange server and to use the Get-WebServicesVirtualDirectory Cmdlet as follows:

Get-WebServicesVirtualDirectory | Select name, *url* | fl

4. Using A Previously-Configured Account

If available, you can also use an account already configured in an email client to find out what the EWS URL is. For example, opening the account settings in Outlook for Mac, an account set up using EWS looks as follows:

The Server textbox above contains the EWS URL for this account.

5. Using The Hosted Exchange Provider's Website

Service providers often publish information on their support websites about the EWS URL to help end-users configure their email clients. For example, here is an article from Intermedia:

How Do I Configure Outlook 2011 For Mac To Connect To Exchange Mailbox?

6. Based on Outlook Web App (OWA) URL

You can often find the EWS URL of an organization based on its OWA URL. For instance, if visiting redirects to, an educated guess for the EWS URL would be as follows:

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