Using Delegation with Office 365 over IMAP

It is possible to use delegate access when acquiring an Office 365 account via FEC over IMAP. The admin account must have full mailbox access rights to the target mailbox.

The workflow is the same as Using Delegation with Exchange & Office 365, but with the username modified to include the email address of the target account.

Note: It is not necessary to use IMAP to accomplish delegate access; the preferred access method for O365 accounts is EWS. This article addresses specific use cases where you prefer to use IMAP instead of EWS, and you would like to use delegate access.

In order to use delegation with Office 365 over IMAP:

1. Enter the target email address (this is the mailbox you wish to forensically preserve):

2. Switch to IMAP acquisition mode by clicking on the "acquire this mailbox via IMAP" hyperlink.

3. Enter the username as <admin account>/<target account>. In this case, Use the admin account's password in the password field.

This will result in FEC connecting to the target account (i.e., using the credentials of the admin account. 

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