Output PST Naming

It is possible to configure the naming structure Forensic Email Collector (FEC) uses for its output PSTs. The customization can be done on FEC's Preferences page as shown in the screenshot below:

The default output PST Base Name is set to {TargetEmail}, which results in output PST(s) reflecting the target email address such as jdoe@example.com.pst.

The following variables can be used in the Output PST Base Name:


Important Note: The variable names above are case-sensitive.

The variables will be replaced with the corresponding values supplied during acquisition setup. It is also possible to add custom text along with the variables (e.g.,  My_custom_string_{TargetEmail}_another_string)

For example, {CustodianFullName}_{EvidenceId}_for_{ClientName}_{TargetEmail} entered as the Output PST Base Name with the following acquisition details...

...where the target mailbox is  jdoe@example.com would result in:

John Doe_0005001000001_for_Acme Inc_jdoe@example.com.pst

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